Revolutionizing blockchain technology :
introducing ghostDAG

Improving Efficiency and Scalability with a Ghost-Driven Acyclic Graph Protocol GhostDAG is a groundbreaking consensus protocol that is revolutionizing blockchain technology. It offers an efficient and scalable solution for decentralized networks. With a directed acyclic graph (DAG) structure, GhostDAG eliminates orphaned blocks and provides near-instant confirmation times. This improves security, scalability and throughput, allowing cryptocurrencies to be brought into the real world. GhostDAG enables blockchain platforms to revolutionize transaction verification and ensure smooth operations in the digital economy.

The term “classic in the world of digital currencies” refers to cryptocurrencies that have gained significant presence and influence in the market. They typically have characteristics such as innovative technology, high adoption rates, security, and a strong community. They also often serve as the benchmark for new cryptocurrencies and play a key role in shaping the regulatory framework and ecosystem development environment.


Super fast transactions, ensuring quick and efficient asset transfers. Its innovative consensus mechanism achieves near-instant transaction confirmation, making transactions visible within seconds and fully confirmed in 10 seconds or less. ~1 second AVERAGE TRANSACTION TIME

Low Fee

Low transaction fees pave the way for adoption and smart contract applications.


Maximum security and decentralization by combining pure proof-of-work with GhostDAG consensus.


GhostDAG maintain a high-speed network while preserving decentralization, secured by thousands of independent nodes.


Scalability by using BlockDAG, enabling parallel block creation and confirmation. This ensures high transaction volume without compromising security or network performance.

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